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      2012: Welcome to MT Daily! In June we will be 17 years into networking from this family-owned website, a place where hundreds of MTs have help each other daily. MTDaily is a registration-only site for better security. Our word and technical boards have some great expert helpers and our boards are known for courtesy and kindness.

      The Main Board is for posts of general interest. You can find information and ask questions on the business boards and the life interest boards. The board-specific searches are important because we have thousands of pages' worth of information gathered. We hope to become even more efficient and effective, with more creative ideas and productive contacts between people.

      The FAQ will give you a general list of all known resources for MT which you are welcome to print, duplicate, and edit. All additions and corrections are welcome. When you visit the message boards, feel free to post a note just to let us know you are new so we can welcome you. Medical transcriptionists, MT students, MT leaders, legal transcriptionists, court reporters, scopers, coders, billers, and those who are researching MT as a possible career are welcome. You may find answers to your questions by using the search function before you post a question, but all questions will be honored. We do moderate the boards following the guidelines to keep MT Daily safe and courteous.

      If you are new to the Internet or a new MT, a special welcome to you! We hope this website will enrich you, both professionally and personally.

      If you can recommend an MT company you work for, post a note at MT By Company. If you have something to sell, post a note on the classified ad pages. If you have a word question, check out the Word Board. If you are looking for an MT job, see MTJobs.com where you can post your resume and search the job ads that are posted daily. You can also subscribe to the free Friday email newsletter listing all the job postings for the week. Currently over 7,000 MTs subscribe. You can signup here.

      If you are an MT business leader, we welcome your participation to educate and inform MTs. Paid advertising and sponsorships are available, and your informative notes on message boards will be seen as networking, not advertising. We appreciate your help to keep MTs informed about resources.

      Be sure to sign up for the MTDaily Rounds, a Friday night E-mail newsletter with links to highlights from the week on MT Daily and medical news from the web, as well as new terms for the week. This newsletter is free and separate from subscribing to the website boards, and goes out to over 5,000 MTs currently. Signup up right here.

      -Webmonitor, Mary Morken, MT since 1990, with the help of Lora Payne and the volunteer monitors.

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