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We are seeing a number of fraudulent offers to purchase equipment from MTs. This is not limited to our industry but is becoming prevalent in every area of web business.

The person contacts you and asks questions about your item, often in faulty English. They then say that they will pay with a cashier's check, or wire transfer, or money order that is for MORE than the agreed-upon amount. You will send them the change once you've extracted your price and shipping fee. The problem is that the paper is fraudulent but your bank doesn't figure this out until several days have passed and you have shipped the item and the change.

We highly recommend that you ignore any correspondence from overseas that appears similar and forward a copy to the company who's email service they are using.

Typical emails from a con:

Due to shipping and insurance, and that a shipping company is coming to pick up from you. You will receive a Money Order of $1455 then you deduct the cost price $900 from it, then you will assist in forwarding the shipping cost which is the balance/extra via Western Union to the shipper who will be coming to pick up, and this must be done in good faith.

I will like to read from you concerning this shipping arrangement before processing and sending the payment out to you. Also send your phone number.

And another: "Greeting, I saw your advert and i'm interested in buying your items. And I'll be paying you through my client who owes me in your country? Get back to me with your full name and contact address, so that I can instruct my client to send the funds(cashiers check) to you. After deducting the cost, can I trust you to send the rest of the amount (i.e the Residue fund) via western union money transfer to my shipper whom will take care of the pick up. Let me know as soon as possible, so that I can get in touch with my client. Thanks for your co-operation while anticipating your earliest response. Regards

Frank Williams"

And another...

from: xxx@yahoo.com. Hi ___,

Am very sorry for getting back to you lately..How are you doing.Hope everything is going fine on your side. As a matter fact the deal is on and according to my secretary,he has already sent the cheque out to you (it will arrive by mail). So the payment should arrive in a short while from now.And once you get it,i guess you know how to handle everything.And please dont bother about any other buyer .

But there was a little problem which i guess we can handle with trust understanding.When i contacted my secretary to know may be the cheque as already been sent, i got to know that there was a misinterpretation while sending the cheque. According to the instruction i gave him,he was suppose to have sent you a cheque of $1800 . But instead,he sent a cheque of ($5000).It was a terrible mistake and the cheque is already out for delivery to your location.He claimed that he thougth i said he should send you a cheque of $5000 (which was the total sum including the shipping ) and not just $1800. i know very well told him to send just $1800 but i guess he didnt get it straigth.

Because i have some GOODS which i bought in the state .Offwhich have decided the shipper will be coming for the picking- up of the GOODS with the voice prompts. Rerecord station and foot pedal included am buying from you . But that should not disturb how own transaction.the deal is on and we will get through it.what will happen is that ,once you get the cheque you will easily forward the extra ($3,200) directly to the shipper in cash immediately.it can be sent via money gram international money transfer.Originally,i had in mind to collect the money from him and use the money to pay the shipper and to also fix some other things personally.But since,its now coming to you now,i guess i can be assured in you that you can handle it with trust and have it sent to me.Hope all is well.mail me back immediately,to let me know that i can trust you to handle everything well.I will be expecting your mail asap. Best Regards and Stay Blessed

Make sure you mail me back immediately you get this message.I will be expecting your reply .And i will be given you $100 for your effort making since the beggining of this transaction..

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