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A Medical Transcriptionist's Prayer

Dear Lord,

Bless the work of my hands and may it glorify You.

In all that I do, help me to remember that a patient's life
may depend on the quality of my work.

Keep me alert to discrepancies and inconsistencies,
and help me to concentrate on my work.

Give me compassion, Lord, and never let me see
the report I'm typing as a case or a number.

But let me remember the patient - a living human being
who may be experiencing pain, fear, and uncertainty.

May the patient feel Your healing touch
and be comforted by Your Spirit instead.

Bless the doctor, as well, and may he be filled with
Your Wisdom and Your Compassion as he cares for his patients.

And let me remember tolerance for the physician whose dictation slips
may be due to fatigue or some great concern of which I'm not aware.

Let me remember that he is human, too, and deserves
the same amount of patience I would like shown to me.

Finally, let me always remember that
You are the Great Healer,
the Source of all Comfort and Joy.

May I acknowledge You in all I do
and reflect Your Love to all whom I meet.


By Ellen Drake (Considered public domain.)