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      The purpose of the MT Daily public message boards is for efficient networking, mainly among medical transcriptionists and MT students, for ideas, information and encouragement, with kindness and respect for different abilities and opinions. Legal transcriptionists, court reporters, and scopists are welcome as well. Family and friends of MTs are also welcome on the Life Boards.

      Write the webmonitor if you post something you want deleted.

      Please notify the monitor of any notes that violate the guidelines rather than responding to them on the board.

      You may include a link to your website in your postings on message boards.

      Feel free to write Email to encourage any poster who is publicly attacked, and know that ignoring the offensive poster is an effective discipline.

      Feel free to write with your thoughts and feelings to me about this list and our monitoring judgment calls. -Mary Morken, webmonitor.

      Notes are deleted on MTDaily for the following (but not limited to) reasons:

      1. Duplication.
      2. Blanks if no message in title.
      3. Corrupted notes with computer language only.
      4. Notes by non-MTs looking for other kinds of information.
      5. Personal attacks.
      6. Slander, misrepresentation, and libel, regarding individuals, companies, or organizations.
      7. Copyrighted material posted without permission. See note at bottom of page for more details.
      8. Unethical notes, such as advocating lying to boss, violating confidentiality.
      9. Scoldings or harsh public correction.
      10. Pushy advertising or ads that do not identify company.
      11. Pushy religious language.
      12. Accidental embarrassing posts intended for E-mail.
      13. Obscenity, crude profanity, and pornography. Obsenity with asterisks replacing letters counts as obscenity and will be deleted as well.
      14. Word questions from test tapes, school tests, or job tests, to protect privacy of test for others.
      15. Ads from companies that have clearly unethical practices (like MT companies not paying employees).
      16. "Shouting" notes that are in all capital letters.
      17. Notes that violate confidentiality of medical records, such as including physician's or patient's names.
      18. Rude and insulting notes, name calling.
      19. Using another board participant's name, impersonating.
      20. False virus warnings and sympathy hoaxes. See List of Virus Hoaxes and Urban Legends Links.
      21. Group attacks with harrassing notes.
      22. Languages other than English other than interpretation questions.
      23. Suicide notes.

      Details on quoting: If you are quoting something that has been published online, please put a link. If you want to quote just a few sentences (3 or fewer), you can do so and add the source info.

      If you are quoting something that has NOT been published online, you can quote several paragraphs as long as you put the proper citation giving credit, what book, what page (remember those school days?)

      If you want to quote more than a couple of paragraphs, you begin to get into uncertain territory and you run the risk of deletion. Remember, "brevity is the soul of wit!"

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