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    Every day, hundreds of medical transcription professionals gather on the MT Daily message boards and on MTJobs to collaborate, discuss terminology questions on the word board, talk about life, and search for jobs and post resumes. MTs have been helping each other on MTDaily since 1995 and new MTs are still arriving. 

    MT Daily has over 600 subscribers and many more visitors. The MTDaily free weekly email newsletter goes out to over 5,400 MTs, and the MTJobs free weekly email list of jobs has over 7,000 current subscribers.

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    MT Daily delivers at-home professionals, transcription company owners, students, vendors, hospital professionals and more. The site continues to attract a cross-section of the medical transcription profession who are educated business professionals.

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    MT Daily and MTJobs offer banner advertising on all pages. Participating advertisers pay a fee to display banner ads a certain number of times (page views) to users. A page view indicates a single time the specific page with an advertisement is viewed by a user. A participating advertiser can, at any time, check to see how many times the banner has been displayed to users, and how many users have clicked on the banner. A wide range of rates are available from $50 to $2,000 for from 1,000 to 80,000 guaranteed page views.

    The Friday MT Daily Rounds email newsletter is another sponsorship opportunity, with an E-mail circulation of 5,400.

    The Friday MTJobs email newsletter is a chance to advertise to over 7,000 MTs.

    Job ads can be posted on MTJobs.com for $25 for one month. The resume database there can be accessed for $10 per day or $50 per week.

    You can post a classified ad for books and software related to MT for $5 for one month.

    MT Daily is a known and stable brand in the online medical transcription industry. Participating sponsors are listed with a link to their website on the MT Daily homepage and gain recognition from that association. Sponsorship for one year is $1,000 and can be paid quarterly.

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